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How to Modernise your Home Office Space

The working from home scheme can be somewhat difficult especially when you struggle to differentiate between relaxing and working all within the same environment. Sometimes, if you have the facilities, it can be wise to create a separate working environment from your home comfort space. This will ultimately increase efficiency and productivity to match the same outcome you manage to produce in the real office. However, don’t think that your new office space must mimic the real office, especially if it is bland, boring, and lifeless. We are here to provide you with some tips on how to modernize your home office space to fit in with your style.  

keep it neutral  

We know that the standard colour scheme within your old office environment may have been slightly jumbled with browns, whites, blues, and any other colours that your employer incorporated however, your home office space does not need to resemble this. To maintain the modern and sleek feel, we would advise you to paint your office space white, light grey or brown, or beige. Although you may think these colours are quite bland, this is perfect for the home office as you don’t want anything overwhelming within your space. Overpowering colours like bright pinks, greens, and oranges alongside funky textured or patterned wallpapers are a complete no-no. Yes, these may be perfect for a bedroom however, work requires focus, and attention can easily be diverted with these overpowering features. Alongside this, at the end of a hard day, when a headache may be coming on, the last thing you would want to stare at is spiraling wallpaper.  

Incorporate electronic devices

Alongside your computer monitor or laptop, to keep your space modernised and tech-savvy, you may also want to include some newer pieces of technology. A smart TV is the perfect essential for a home office, and don’t panic if your room is small as this device does not need to take up a whole lot of space. Space can be utilised as the smart TV can be mounted onto the wall and can be used for many purposes including light watching during breaks, TV mirroring, and light background music through your favourite apps including Spotify and YouTube. For any TV wall mounting services, do not hesitate to contact the professionals at . Small smart devices can also be the perfect contribution to your home office, for example, smart speakers. Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices are perfect if you need to play any music or podcasts and alongside this, you have your own little electronic assistant within these devices that can answer any questions or requests that you may have throughout your working day. 

Add high gloss furniture  

High gloss furniture is extremely in at the moment and it is no surprise, as this furniture trend can add glamour, light, and energy into any room. This is why it is perfect for a home office space. The reflectiveness in high gloss can create an illusion for a bigger space, therefore if your office space is on the smaller side, this is a must-have. A sleek and dark high gloss desk would be the perfect addition to your office. It would be easy to clean and also demonstrates affluence to your space. Try to pair your high gloss desk with some high gloss shelves. These would be perfect for extra storage purposes and take up very little space, so it’s a win-win!  Click here for more

Accessorise the room

A home office space does not need to be a boring and basic environment, you can always add a personal touch which will make it a much easier atmosphere to venture into in the morning when you are half asleep! Add wall art such as picture frames and canvases to make the walls less bare, and even incorporate pictures of family and friends so that the space feels less lonely. Alongside this, we would highly recommend including a plant or a few. Plants and greenery offer several health benefits including the ability to reduce stress, lower anxiety, and also reduce fatigue. Additionally, they are said to stimulate your mind and result in increased productivity and motivation. As well as the health benefits, the pop of colour from plants acts as a brilliant accessory to brighten the room. If real plants seem like too much hard work, there are a variety of artificial plants you can buy from retailers that come in cute and decorative pots that will be sure to add a little something extra to your office space.

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