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Biography Essay Writing Guide

There is a wide variety of reasons why people might need to write an essay about a particular person, either that is because of some personal desires to express the attitude, or because of the given assignment. The aim of such a task is completely understandable, as it allows a professor to assess the quality of the way his student expresses personal feelings and views of particular features and characteristics. 

Even though it may seem quite a simple task, in reality, it is not. Students can not base the description of the person on appearance only. Moreover, the essay has to be interesting to read, it has to hold some aesthetic value, as a dry description of personal and physical traits is simply not interesting to read. These aspects make a biography essay a complicated task for a beginner writer. However, to have a high-quality reference for future tasks they often tend to use paper writing service online, where professional writers can create a paper for you for a very reasonable price. Not only a hard task will be performed for you, but you also receive a fine example you can use in the future. 

If you have decided to write this type of essay on your own, you have to know the rules of making the best out of it. 

1. Choosing a subject

Choose a person you know well. It does not necessarily need to be a close person or somebody of your dearest people. You can basically describe some famous and well-known people so that you can do some research about them. In another case, you will simply have nothing to write about. People tend to choose some outstanding historical personalities, like Ronald Reagan, or artists, like Vincent van Gogh. These people do have bright personalities, which is why a well-written essay about them will be interesting to read. 

2. Choose the features

Obviously, you can not describe every single characteristic of the person you have chosen. Especially in the order that they come to mind first. In order to organize the ideas, you can split all the features that have come to your mind into a few blocks. 

Start with appearance. When people meet each other, the first thing they notice is always clothing, body, and facial features. Describe the way their hair looks, their eyes, nose and lips, their complexion and body shape. Define the most outstanding feature and pay some more attention to it. Other than that, notice the facial expressions, they do vary dramatically according to the situation the desired person is experiencing. 

Then comes the behavior. Make some notes on how the person behaves in society, their manners, and habits. If you know the person you have chosen in person, you should know the way they behave. In the case of famous people, do some research on paparazzi material — they usually catch the celebrities when they are being themselves. 

Describing the character and personality traits is always the most interesting part. This is the place, where you can show all your talent and lingual skills, using advanced vocabulary and complicated, but still sophisticated, constructions. Choose some key traits, that stand out the most in the material you have found, and build the description of the character based on them. 

To add more reality to your essay you can describe the current emotional state of a person. Search for the information on what events are happening in their lives right now and assume how they are feeling about it. If you are describing someone from the past, analyze the sources on the subject of their prevalent emotional state, sense of humor, and temperament. 

Here you can find out the guide of having latest methods of learning and knowing well. The technology has become bigger and now it’s too easy to search by using your android mobile.

3. Create an outline

When you have written down all the ideas and have developed a general understanding of what your paper will be about, it is time to plan your essay. It is crucial to build the text properly so that it binds logically. Like any other type, your essay has to follow a five-paragraph structure, which includes an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Your body paragraphs have to have one main idea each, supported by smaller ideas and examples from this person’s life. They can be slit either according to different aspects of the description, mentioned earlier, or the chronology of their life (describe their past, present, and future). 

4. Think well about the introduction

The first thing a person sees when reading your essay is the introductory paragraph. That is why it is extremely important to create a catchy introduction, that intrigues the reader and leads him or her to proceed reading till the end. To get them hooked, find the best and interesting quote of the person you will be talking about — it may make readers want to explore the person more. Add some humor, or tell a fascinating story. 

The hardest aspect when creating the introductory paragraph is its final sentence — the thesis statement. Pay close attention to your thesis statement because it will be the foundation for the rest of your essay.

5. Create a strong conclusion

Here you need to summarize everything you have said about the person and provide their importance. Do not restate the thesis, this is not the case. You should better mention the contribution they have made to society, why they are relevant today and their main fields of influence. 

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