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5 Best Gambling Movies

5 Best Gambling Movies of All Time

People have been fascinated with gambling since the earliest times. Many movies are made on the topic over the years and cover all sorts of time periods and places. They take us on a ride into the world of mafia and drama with a tint of some of the finest comedies out there. You will find that most of the 5 best gambling movies follow a similar path to one another and often showcase a very particular genre on a low budget. People who enjoy the excitement of gambling would surely love to watch such movies the same as they like to play 20Bet live casino. In this article, we have mentioned 5 of the best gambling movies of all time.

1. Casino (1995)

Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci teamed up for the fifth time to make Casino in 1995. The movie is set entirely in Las Vegas and is possibly the most famous of all gambling movies. The movie is not for the faint-hearted as it will shock you in some parts. Casino is considered as one of the best Vegas movies though it has no pool hustling, no odds-fixing, no tense poker hands and no true love story.

5 Best Gambling Movies
5 Best Gambling Movies

Gambling is not the theme of the movie but only the common denominator bringing all the elements together. The movie is simply an action-packed depiction of Vegas during the final years of its gangster control.

2. The Hustler (1961)

The Hustler has been preserved by the National Film Registry. The movie is considered culturally, historically and aesthetically significant. The classic is a depiction of a small-time pool hustler who travels cross-country with his partner and earns good money through gambling. Then his self-destructive attitude and big mouth forces him to challenge the legendary player ‘Minnesota Fats’.

The Hustler
The Hustler

The Hustler was made in the times when the concept of online gambling was not there. The movie is cynical and very cold from start to finish. You will not get any stance of humor here but still the movie is one of the best sports gambling movies ever made. The movie turned Paul Newman into a superstar.

3. 21 (2008)

The storyline of the movie 21 is fact based and is set in the era when shuffle machines were only a thing of fiction. The story is about six MIT students trained to become experts in card counting and they subsequently took Las Vegas casinos for millions. The movie features Kevin Spacey as the maths professor Micky Rosa, educating his young students how to play an optimum and winning Blackjack strategy. 21 is based on the book Bringing Down The House. You will see a number of fast-paced, hip and snappy entertaining scenes. One more thing to mention is the phrase “winner winner, chicken dinner”. If you are still unfamiliar with the phrase, go on watching this two-hour movie and you might find yourself repeating the same many times.

4. Molly’s Game (2017)

Molly’s Game was directed by Aaron Sorkin who is a renowned screenplay writer and is best known for the movies A Few Good Men, The West Wing and Moneyball. Aaron Sorkin made his debut as a director with this movie. The film was released in 2017 and depicts the true story of Molly Bloom’s exclusive underground poker club for wealthy high rollers.

The lead character of the movie is a female which is quite interesting because we know that gambling business is a male-dominated one. The Bloom’s character played by Jessica Chastain has been beautifully portrayed. Idris Elba has played the supporting role. There are cameo appearances from Chris O’Dowd and Joe Keery (Stranger Things) adding a welcome touch of humour to the movie.

5. The Gambler (1974)

The Gambler released in 1974 is a story of a university professor played by James Caan – who has an addiction to casino gambling. As we continue in the movie, we see that Caan’s character plunges into self-destruction and in the process his mental state becomes increasingly dangerous. All his borrowing becomes steadily worse and his need for thrills threatens to endanger his own life. The film eventually heads towards a brilliant climax.

The classic serves as a pretty severe warning against addiction of any kind and speaks about always gambling responsibly.

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